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our guarantee and puppy take homes

     All of our puppies are sent to their new homes after 8 weeks of age. Puppies come with all age appropriate vaccinations and on a steady worming schedule. Puppies will have a vet check by my vet 24 hours before being sent home with a health certificate. Each baby will be microchipped using FI NANO chips. These chips are free to use through the life of your new family member.  Chips will be set up when puppy is picked up. Puppy registration paper work will also be filled out upon pick up. 

     I send puppies home with an offer for Trupanion pet insurance. This is not required for you puppy but is highly recommended to use. Pet insurance makes sure your pet will be able to receive the vet attention needed in an emergency situation. This offer is only good for up to 24 hours after puppy pick up,  with waived waiting periods, puppy pricing for life, and no payout limit.

     You will receive a tote bag with a folder of your puppies birth and medical records, fi nano information, Trupanion insurance information, copies of signed contracts and registration copies. The tote will also come with, a chew toy, a bag of food they are currently eating so you can switch over to your food of choice and a blanket with their moms scent on it.

     CONKC PUPPIES: are sold only on limited registration and are required to be spayed or neutered by the age of two years old. these puppies are sold as pets only. They can work, participate in sports and in altered shows but they will be ineligeble to participate in conformation shows and as such, will NOT be bred. Puppies can be registered through AKC PAL (purebred alternative listing) to preform in sports. 

     Our puppies will come with a two year health guarantee. This covers congenital defects including PRA, PLL, hip displaysia, DM, eye defects and hearing defects.

Transportation, shipping & pick up

    Puppy buyers are encouraged to pick up their new puppy at my home where they are bred and comfortable. This gives you the opportunity to meet the parents, see how and where the puppies have been raised and give you a better idea on how the puppies are raised. We understand this can't always happen and do offer some options for transportation. 

    If puppy is needing shipped, the puppy buyers will be fully responsible for shipping costs. Puppies will still come with everything mentioned and puppy buyers will be kept up to date on where their puppy is and when the puppy will arrive. If transportation is needed, a meet up can be planned at a convenient time and place for all parties involved. Personal travel cost will be the responsibility of the puppy buyer.


For shipping and transportation, remaining price of puppy will be due 3 days before shipping or transportation date.


We are so excited to share our first litter of 2023 with you! Medoh is cooking up some beautiful babies! We are expecting medium drive puppies and some sports prospects.

This litter is eligible for ConKC registration and PAL registration through AKC.

Puppies are HERE and will be ready to go home December, 13th, just in time for Christmas.

The wait list is OPEN

This Litter is On the ground


Puppies from this litter

            This litter has seven puppies. 4 boys and 3 girls. All of them are going to be blue. Born October 11,2023.

Pink Collar "Fig"": Girl with no mask, patch ears, small face spot (reserved)

Yellow collar "Oak": Girl full face mask

Purple collar "Birch": Girl half mask (reserved)

Red collar "Sycamore": Boy full mask

Orange collar "Hawthorn": Boy asymmetrical mask

Green collar "Pine": Boy mask with speckling on body

Blue collar "Cedar": Boy mask with head spot (reserved)





Pup-date #1

Puppies are 3 weeks old today! (01 NOV 23).

Medoh has eclampsia & we have made the hard decision to to start to wean the puppies early for her health. As much as I wanted her to nurse for as long as she could, her body just  can't handle these huge babies.

The babies have been started on mash & are thriving. Medoh is doing much better, returning to her spunky self.

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